Recovery Center Austin TX

Our Mission

Here at Omega Sober Living, we believe in the power of people to change for the better. We want you to heal, transform, and recover in order to reach your ultimate potential. Our program not only focuses on treating addictions, but also the root causes, such as trauma, psychological illnesses, shame, codependency, and compulsive behaviors. Whether you are starting or continuing your journey toward rehabilitation, we want to support you. 

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Our Program

Getting out of rehab can be strenuous on your path to sobriety while adjusting back to your daily life. It can be easy to slide back to an old harmful routine when getting out of a highly regimented environment. Stressors, triggers, cravings, and temptations can spontaneously bring you to relapse, erasing your progress toward sobriety. 

Our sober living homes in Austin are designed to help you face your fears and give you the tools to adjust back toward living your normal, daily life. We offer you a high level of structure and security in order to provide a low-stress environment that encourages the development of healthier coping skills and habits. 

By staying in Omega Sober Living homes, you improve the likelihood of achieving lifelong sobriety. 

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Where Are We Situated?

Our sober houses in Austin, TX are in the best location in the city, right at 78704, within walking distance of downtown and the trails. We offer gender-specific homes, substance-free environments, and immediate support to help you integrate and become successful in your path toward sobriety. 

Our prime location provides you with the best amenities within a reasonable distance to jobs, schools, and other institutions. The proximity to the right opportunities for education, labor, and entertainment makes your recovery with Omega Sober Living the perfect healing experience. If you’re looking for the right halfway house in the heart of Austin, Texas, Omega Sober Living is the right fit for you!

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